DSP Lab - (5 cfu)

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This course aims at providing skills and theoretical foundations for the real-time implementation of signal processing algorithms on DSP processors.


• Discrete-time signals and systems. LTI systems.
• The z-Trasform. Digital Filters Structures: FIR, IIR, cascaded lattice structures.
• Digital Filter Design. Bilinear Transformation method of Filter Design (Tutsin).
• LTI Discrete-Time Systems in the Transform Domain. DTFT, FFT.
• Wavelet Transformation. Wavelet Racket Analysis.
• Digital Signal Processor architectures: Harvard vs Von Neumann.
• Floating versusfixed point DSP. DSP pheripherals. Memory management options.
• Application specific DSP. “Motion control” DSP, “mixed-signal” DSP.
• Examples of commercial DSP: SHARC, Blackfin, TigerSHARC, 2192x, C5000, C6000
• Interrupt management. Event driven programs.

Attività d'esercitazione

Design and implementation of Digital FIR with MATLAB and Blackfin.
Design of a digital system for electric drive. A teamwork based on one of the following projects.

Modalità d'esame

A project report, and a verbal test.


Mathematics, Calculus. Signal processing theory. Digital Electronics.

Testi consigliati

Teacher lessons report.

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