Sistemi elettronici industriali - (5 cfu)

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The course indeed supply to the students informations about the microprocessors and microcontrollers architecture, how to program them and how to interface them whith industrial environment.
To reach this aims, will be used dedicated software and a sperimental period in a electronic's laboratory.


Industrial controls
Industrial control’s aims
Devices for information acquisition
Control and controllers: PLC and microcrontroller cards

From microprocessors to microcontrollers
Microprocessor and microcontrollers architecture
Functional groups in microcontrollers
I/O ports, counters, timers, AD converters
Comunication serial port, bus controllers
Memory areas: program memory, registers, user’s RAM, EEPROM

Microcontrollers programming
Programming languages (with special note to examinated CPU assembly)
Programming phases: editing, compiling and linking
Instrucrtion set and execution time
Assembly directives
Destination file’s format
Debugging, simulation and emulation
Code tranferring to program memory

Microcontroller's program structure
Main Loop
Polling and interrupts

Microcontroller cards
Power supply
I/O system
Clock system
Comunication system

Microcontroller cards at work
Multiple an single-card control system
Comunication bus
Supervisor systems

Testi consigliati

teacher's notes , examined microcontroller's data sheet .
At the end of theorical course it's foreseen a sperimental phase; In these period the student have to realize a complete project based on a microcontroller.

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