Advanced Structural Mechanics - (5 cfu)

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To present basic concepts and tools for structural design, with reference to complex statically indeterminate elastic frames, and to elastic plates and shells.


Complex statically indeterminate framed structures.
Force method and displacement method: general concepts. Approximate methods (hypothesis of inextensibility): frames with fixed or mobile nodes.

Bending of plates.
Germain-Lagrange hypotheses. Displacement components, strains, stresses and generalized stresses. Equation of Germain-Lagrange, boundary conditions. Finite difference method: approximate solutions for beam structures and rectangular plates. Equation of Germain-Lagrange in polar coordinates; closed-form solution for axisymmetric plates.

Rayleigh-Ritz method for elastic structures.
Principle of minimum of the total potential energy. Displacement field approximation. Application of the Rayleigh-Ritz method to beams and plates under bending.

Shells of revolution.
Geometrical and loading characteristics. Membrane and bending generalized stresses. Membrane regime: equilibrium equations, examples. Bending regime for a cylindrical shell: comparison with the problem of a beam on elastic foundation (Winkler’s constraints).

Plane stress and plane strain states.
Stress function or Airy function. Plane stress state for a solid of revolution: Airy function in polar coordinates; axisymmetric loading (example of a thick-walled cylinder submitted to internal or external pressure).

Attività d'esercitazione

Theory supported by exercises.

Modalità d'esame

Written and oral examination.


Analisi A-B, Analisi C, Geometria, Meccanica Razionale, Scienza delle Costruzioni (Structural Mechanics).

Testi consigliati

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