Valuation - (5 cfu)

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Principles of Economy: Need, good and utility. Production and consumption. Market, demand, supply and price. Company and enterprise. Business management.

General Valuation: Valuation theory. Economic aspects of goods. Characteristics of the valuation judgement. Valuation procedures. Investment assessment.

Special Valuation: Farm valuation. Valuation of civil, agricultural and industrial buildings. Valuation of constructible areas. Expropriation for public interest. Appurtenant easment. Life estate rights. Assessment of damages. Technical advice and arbitration. Valuation of environmental goods. Duties and Taxes. Elements of Financial Mathematics.

Cadastral and census valuation. Organisation of the cadastre, cadastral valuation operations. The land cadastre. The real estate cadastre.

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I. Michieli: Trattato di Estimo, Ed. Agricole, Bologna 1993

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