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Supply the student with tools for:
a) solve systems of linear equations;
b) diagonalize (symmetric) matrices;
c) solve easy problems of analytic geometry;
d) recognize the type of a conic and write its canonical form.


1. Real and complex vector spaces. Linear subspaces: sum and intersection. Linear combinations of vectors: linear dipendence/indipendence. Generators, bases and dimension of a vector spaces. Grassmann formula for subspaces.

2. Determinants: Laplace expansion and basic properties. Binet theorem. Row and column elementary operations on matrices. Computation of the inverse matrix. Rank of a matrix.

3. Linear systems: Gauss-Jordan method and Rouché Capelli theorem.

4. Linear maps. Definition of kernel and image; fundamental theorem on linear maps. Matrix representation of a linear map and change of bases. Isomorphisms and inverse matrix.

5. Endomorphisms of a vector space: eigenvalues, eigenvector and eigenspaces. Characteristic polynomial. Algebraic and geometric multiplicity. Diagonalizable endomorphisms.

6. Scalar products. Orthogonal complement of a linear subspace. Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization process. Representation of isometries by orthogonal matrices. The orthogonal group. Diagonalization of symmetric matrices: spectral theorem. Positivity criterion for scalar product: Hurewicz theorem.

7. Two and three dimensional analytic geometry. Parametric and Cartesian equations of a line. Mutual position between two lines in the space; skew lines. Equation of a plane. Canonical scalar product and distance. Vector product and its fundamental properties. Distance of a point from a line and from a plane.

8. Conics: elementary properties. Affine and Euclidean classifications. Affine invariants and canonical form of a conic. Center of symmetry and axes.

Attività d'esercitazione

Discussion and solution of problem. Exercises will be regurarly assigned during the semester.

Modalità d'esame

Usually the evaluation consists of a written exam.



Testi consigliati

F. Capocasa: " Algebra e Geometria analitica ", Esculapio
A. Nannicini: " Esercizi svolti di algebra lineare ", Pitagora
Exercises available at the photocopy-office.

Testi d'approfondimento

L. Alessandrini and L. Nicolodi: " Geometria A ", UNI.NOVA
P. de Bartolomeis: " Algebra lineare ", La Nuova Italia
A. I. Maltsev: " Fondamenti di algebra lineare ", Pitagora
M. Nacinovich: " Elementi di geometria analitica ", Liguori

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