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The course aims to provide basic technical knowledge of the electromagnetic propagation in guided structures as well as in free space, and the proper tools for the analysis and design of transmission lines and radio links. Brief overviews on metallic waveguides, dielectric waveguides and optical fibers, and electromagnetic compatibility are given.


Maxwell’s equations in integral and differential form. Differential operators. Wave equation, propagating waves. Phase velocity. Frequency domain and Fourier transformation. Helmholtz equation. Properties of matter. Active and reactive power and Poynting theorem. Uniform and evanescent plane waves.
Guided propagation. Telegrapher’s equations and Telephone equations. Description of transmission lines and its parameters. Short and open circuit transmission lines. Smith’s Chart. Power and impedance matching. Stub, double stub and /4 matching network. Scattering parameters. Transients on transmission lines and Bounce diagrams. Overview on metallic waveguides, dielectric waveguides and optical fibers.
Different kinds of antennas. Characteristic antenna parameters. Design of a radio link and Friis transmission formula. Radar equation. The short dipole. Loop antenna. Antenna arrays. Boundary condition for electromagnetics. Yagi-Uda and Log-periodic antennas. Radiation by large aperture and parabolic antennas. Antenna bandwidth. Electromagnetic compatibility.

Modalità d'esame

Written test and oral examination.


Fisica generale 2, Principi e applicazioni dell’ingegneria elettrica.

Testi consigliati

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Testi d'approfondimento

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