Web Programming - (5 cfu)

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Methods and tools for constructing Web applications. A survey of the available technologies.


The Web. The client-server model. HTTP protocol. HTML. XML. CSS. Visual editors. Web site administration. Scripting languages. CGI programming. Perl. Javascript. Security. Cookies. Managing data bases through Web. University Web services.

Modalità d'esame

Students are required to develop a Web project. At most three students can work on the same project.


Fondamenti di Informatica (AB). Basi di dati (concurrently).

Testi consigliati

• S. Guelich, S. Gundavaram, G. Birznieks: “CGI Programming with Perl", O’Reilly
• Deitel, Deitel, Nieto, McPhie: "Perl - How to Program", Prentice Hall

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