Electric circuits - (5 cfu)

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This course aims at providing to non-electrical student basic knowledge of electric circuits, electromechanical systems and of their applications, in order to enhance the core technical background of a future engineer.


Basic of electric linear circuit theory.
Analysis of DC electric circuits
• From Maxwell field theory to lumped parameters circuits. Fields, charge and current.
• Kirchhoff’s current and voltage laws.
• Parallel and series connections for linear circuits. Wye-Delta transformation.
• Node and loop analysis.
• Network theorems. Thevenin’s and Norton’s theorem. Maximum power transfer theorem.
Transient analysis of electric circuits
• Inductors, Capacitors and duality.
• First order RL and RC circuits.
Analysis of AC electric circuits
• Phasor representatives of sinusoidal signals.
• Steady-state circuit analysis using phasors.
• Sinusoidal steady-state power calculations.
• Analysis of Three-Phase circuits.
• Economical aspects of transmitting electric power.
• Magnetically coupled circuits and transformers.
• Frequency Response of linear circuits. Bode Plots.
• Induction motors- Transmission lines..Fault, protection.Brief introduction to safety of electrical systems.

Modalità d'esame

A written text or a written report on specific theme.


Mathematics, Calculus.

Testi consigliati

• M. Guarnieri , A. Stella : “ Principi ed applicazioni di elettrotecnica”., Edizioni Progetto Padova, 2001
• G.Fabricatore:”Elettrotecinica ed applicazioni”, Edizioni Liguori 1994.

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