Knowledge engineering - (5 cfu)

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The course will present the main techniques used in knowledge representation focusing on Semantic Web technologies


Knowledge representation. First order logic, Horn clauses.
Reasoning with uncertain knowledge.
Metadata, XML, resource Description Framework.
Descriptive Logic.
Taxonomies and Ontologies. Ontology for the semantic Web (OWL).
Natural Language Processing.

Attività d'esercitazione

Laboratory activities will regard handling of metadata like Dublin Core and IEEE-LOM for learning objecs.
Tools for the development and validation of ontologies. Query languages and API for handling RDF and ontologies (OWL).

Modalità d'esame

Assessment on the topics of the lesson and development of a project related to the laboratory activities.

Testi consigliati

M. C. Laconta, L. J. Obrst, K. T. Smith The Semantic Web, Wiley 2003
S. J. Russel P. Norvig Artificial Intelligence, A modern Approach, Prentice Hall.
Nils J. Nilsson, Artificial Intelligence: A New Synthesis, Morgan Kaufmann 1998.

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