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Objective of the course is to provide the basic tools and understanding for the performance analysis of modern telecommunications networks.


Historical perspective on telecom networks. Mutiplexing. Switching. Multiple access. Elementary performance analysis. Little’s law. Traffic intensity. Throughput. Loss probability. Poisson process. Renewal processes. The M/G/1 queue with applications. PK formula. Vacancies. Priorities. Local area networks performance. TDMA, FDMA. Aloha. Ethernet. Token ring. Polling systems. Performance of wide area networks. Kleinrock’s formula. Optimal routing. Topology. Moore bound. Advanced performance analysis. Discrete time Markov chains. Applications. Geo/Geo/1, slotted Aloha, M/G/1, minisloted Ethernet. Absorbing chains. Continuous time Markov chains. Applications. : M/M/1, M/M/c, M/M/c/c, M/M/c/c/N. Networks of queues. Burke’s therem. Open networks and Jackson’s theorem. Jackson’s for closed networks. Sliding window flow control. Norton ‘s theorem. . Buzen’s algorithm . Mean value analysis.
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both written and oral


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Testi consigliati

[1] D. P. Betsekas, R. Gallager, Data Networks, Prentice Hall.

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