Fundamentals of electronics B - (5 cfu)

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The course provides basic knowledge about analogue electronic circuits, with emphasis on linear amplifiers.


Part 1: semiconductor devices (analogue perspective)
Bipolar junction transistors (BJT) end MOS transistor. Second-order effect: Early (BJT), channel length modulation and body effect (MOS). Depletion MOSFET.

Part 2: analogue linear circuits
Analogue and digital signals. Linearity, conditions for avoiding linear distortion. Linearization.
Small signal equivalent circuit for a p-n diode. Small-signal BJT model in active zone, common emitter (CE) connection. Small signal MOSFET model in saturation.
Linear amplifiers, network functions. The Miller effect- The CE amplifier: bias point, small signal analysis, large signal analysis, efficiency.
Emitter follower (CC). Common base amplifier (CB). Multi-stage amplifiers. Frequency response of the CE amplifier, Bode plots. Common source, drain and gate amplifiers. BJT differential pair.
Feedback: negative feedback in first order systems, desensitization, step response. Stability of feedback systems: Bode criterium, analysis of the poles of the transfer function.
Operational amplifiers, virtual short-circuit. Applications: inverting and non-inverting amplifier, follower, sum-difference amplifier, integrator, I-V and V-I converters. Limitations: offset and slew rate.

Part 3: some analogue non-linear circuits
Diode circuits: half-wave and full-wave rectifiers, op-amp based precision rectifiers and peak detector.

Attività d'esercitazione

The exercises take place in the classroom and are concerned with the analysis and design of simple analogue and digital circuits.

Modalità d'esame

The exam comprises a written and an oral part.
To gain access to the oral discussion, the students have to get through the written part of the exam.
The written and the oral parts of the exam must be successfully completed within the same exam session (summer, fall or winter).
If the oral part of the exam is rejected, the result gained in the written part expires.
To be accepted to the written part of the exam, the students have to register themselves in the web page of the exam.


Analisi matematica (ABC). Fisica generale (ABC). Elettrotecnica A, Fondamenti di Elettronica A

Testi consigliati

P. R. Gray, R. G. Meyer, “Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits”, Wiley.

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