Technical Computer Graphics A - (5 cfu)

Prof. Marzia Fontana -



From computer graphics to computer-aided design
Definitions, tools, applications
Fundamentals of digital image processing

Graphical hardware

Architecture of a graphical display
Input devices
Output devices

Revision of mathematical concepts and formulas

Vector and matrix calculus
2D and 3D Cartesian geometry
Introduction to differential geometry

Geometrical transformations 2D2D and 3D3D

Shear and non-rigid deformations
Compound transformations

View transformations

Parallel projections
Perspective projections
Window-to-viewport-to-physical device transformations

Pipeline of graphical output: algorithms

Scan conversion
Back-face culling and hidden surface removal
Illumination and shading
Texture mapping

Geometric modelling

2D design
Wireframe modelling
Solid modelling: B-rep, CSG, space decomposition, sweeping
Curve and surface modelling
Parametric and variational modelling
Feature-based modelling
Non-manifold modelling

Surface modelling

Applications and examples
Parametric and functional curves and surfaces
Polynomial, cubic, Bezier, B-spline and NURBS curves
Polynomial, bicubic, Bezier, B-spline and NURBS surfaces

Physics-based modelling

Applications and examples
Framework: physical laws and mathematical models
Continuous models
Discrete models
An in-depth view: particle-based models

Research projects in collaboration with Polytechnic of Milan (KAEMaRT group)

Introduction to OpenGL programming (20 hours)

Event management

Modalità d'esame

1st part: OpenGL programming exercise at the computer
2nd part: Oral examination

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