Fundamentals of electrical engineering A - (5 cfu)

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This course aims at providing fundamental knowledge of electric circuits in D.C. and sinusoidal steady state, with an introduction on three phase systems.


From Maxwell's field theory to the quasi-steady-state electromagnetic field.
Steady-state electrodynamic field. Voltage and current.
Two-pole systems in D.C.: resistors, voltage and current sources, power analysis.
Electrical circuit analysis in D.C.: graph theory, independent equations, node and mesh methods, effect superposition, Thevenin's and Nothon's theorems.
Steady-state magnetic field: electromagnetic circuits.
Quasi-steady-state electrical field: capacitors.
Quasi-steady-state magnetic field: inductors.
Lumped parameter circuits. Power analysis of capacitors and inductors.
Transient circuit analysis. Time domain solution.
AC circuit analysis: the Steinmetz transform.
AC power analysis. Power factor correction. Resonance.
Three phase systems. Delta and wye connections.

Attività d'esercitazione

Numerical exercises

Modalità d'esame

A written test and a verbal test.


Mathematics, Calculus, Physics.

Testi consigliati

C.K. Alexander, M.N.O. Sadiku, "Circuiti elettrici", McGraw-Hill.
V. Daniele, A. Liberatore, R.D. Graglia, S. Manetti, "Elettrotecnica", Monduzzi Editore

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