Business Management Laboratory - (4 cfu)

Prof. Fabrizio Tedeschi -


To form the students in
* how to search for the information on relevant items (facts) in economics and on the different financial markets;
* how evaluate the impact of daily events on macro and micro economy;
* how evaluate the consequences of changes in the business climate and lay down a business decision process;
through the reading of economic literature and analysis of economic events and other matters using all available information gathered through any media and in particular internet


The initial exercises will be led on facts and information on the present economic moment earmarked by the lecturer (professor), examined and discussed with the students during the lesson.
In a second time the students in group of three (minimum) will propose paper of their interest and explain it to their colleagues with the help of the usual communication means available in class, simulating a business meeting.
Each presentation will be followed by a discussion of the group with all the other students.

Modalità d'esame

Class frequency and practical exercises, with evaluation of each student proficiency conducted by the lecturer and their fellow students.
At the end of the course each group will produce a paper on a matter chosen by the group itself or earmarked by the lecturer.


For a better comprehension of the related matters it is suggested to have already taken a course in business management.

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