Dispositivi programmabili A - (4 cfu)

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The course provides fundamentals of digital system computer-aided design and fast prototyping. It will include pratical design experinces using suitable CAD tools.


Architecture and design of a embedded digital system.
A survey of the main devices used in the digital systems.
Programmable logic FPGA: technology and features.
The hardware description languages: the VHDL.
The CAD design flow: synthesis and verification methodology.
FPGA oriented methods of VHDL design.

Attività d'esercitazione

The course will include CAD tools sessions and the implementation of a simple digital system design.

Modalità d'esame

The examination is devided in an oral and a short written session.

Testi consigliati

The VHDL Cookbook - on the "Download" section of the site: http://ee.unipr.it/~gmatrell/mypage/

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