Laboratory of Measurements and hydraulic controls - (5 cfu)

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To become confident with the instruments and the techniques of hyadraulic measurements. To plan and develop the physical and numerical models of hydraulic structures. To plan the sytems of control and management of civil hydraulic plants.


The SI system. Uncertainties and errors. Dimensional analysis. Characteristics of measurements systems. Transducers. Static and dynamic calibration. The chains of signal acquisition.

Attività d'esercitazione

Calibration of a Venturi meter. Force of a water jet. Characteristics of a pump. Characteristics of a Pelton turbine. Discharge vs level for a stream. Discharge rate measurement in a stream. Free surface profile due to a Crump meter. Permeability meter for road pavement. Discharge rate measurement in open channels using UltraSound Profile meter. Hydraulic jump.

Modalità d'esame

Oral exam and report


Hydraulics, Measurements and Hydraulic Controls

Testi consigliati

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