Structural analysis and design AB - (9 cfu)

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Structural analysis of frames. Deflection of beams. Principle of virtual work. Mohr’s theorem. Statically indeterminate beams. Flexural deformability and stiffness of a beam. Shear deformability and stiffness of a beam. Statically indeterminate frames. Fixed-joint and sway frames. Force method. Displacement method.
Design methods. Design at the Allowable Stresses and at the Limit States.
Reinforced concrete structures. Material properties. Members subjected to axial load, to flexure, to combined axial load and flexure (interaction diagrams). Instability. Members subjected to Shear and Torsion. Introduction to cracking and deformation.
Steel structures. Material properties. Tension members, compression members and buckling. Latticed columns. Combined bending and axial load. Bolted and welded connections
Practices lectures. Actions for use in design. Design of slabs, beams, columns, corbels. Design-code recomendations.

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