Electronic measurements instrumentation - (5 cfu)

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The course deals with the design of the analogue signal conditioning chain in electronic instruments. Then several techniques for the improvement of the S/N ratio in extreme conditions are discussed.


The main functional blocks in a data acquisition and processing system.
Linear amplifiers.
A deeper insight of operational amplifiers. OTA and trans-impedance amplifiers. Electrometric amplifiers, instrumentation amplifiers, isolation amplifiers.
Non-linear processing.
Log-antilog amplifiers. The Gilbert cell. Analogue multipliers and their application in true rms measurements.
Voltage and current references
Zener, Vbe and band-gap references. Implementations in bipolar and CMOS technologies.
Sample and hold circuits.
D/A converters.
Resistive weighting: binary weighting, block-binary weighting, direct and inverse R-2R networks.
Capacitive weighting: binary weighting, serial conversion.
A/D converters.
Over-sampling converters, delta-sigma converters, high speed converters.
Phase detection, VCO, linear PLL analysis in the phase domain. Type and order of the PLL. Steady state errors and tracking characteristics.

Linear, time-varying filters for S/N improvement.
Introduction to linear time varying systems. Modulator, gated integrator, boxcar integrator and S/H, lock-in amplifier.

Attività d'esercitazione

Simple exercises are solved during the lectures. Homework.

Modalità d'esame

Oral discussion, tests during the course


Electronics AB, Electronics C

Testi consigliati

Lecture notes.

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