Testing methods for structural materials - (4 cfu)

Prof. Sabrina Vantadori -
  E-mail. sabrina.vantadori@unipr.it


To provide general concepts for performing experimental tests on structural materials and for interpreting the results.


Concept of measurement. Systems of units of measurement. Basic concepts of statistics and error analysis. Testing equipments for the mechanical characterisation of structural materials. Instruments for measuring lengths, displacements, rotations, deformations, forces and pressures. Standard and advanced laboratory tests for the determination of typical mechanical parameters of structural materials. On-site tests for the determination of the resistance of structural materials. Quality controls of concrete and steel according to relevant technical recommendations.

Attività d'esercitazione

Theory supported by laboratory activities and numerical exercises.

Modalità d'esame

Oral examination, possibly supported by a laboratory evaluation.


Scienza delle Costruzioni (Structural Mechanics)

Testi consigliati

Documentation provided by the teacher
A. BRAY, V. VICENTINI. Meccanica sperimentale. Levrotto & Bella, Torino, 1975.

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