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Professore: DA ASSEGNARE

The course provide the basic knowledge required for the usage of the most common electrical power systems

Fundamental of power systems: trend toward growing power output of new thermal, nuclear, alternative and water generating station, electrical distribution systems of great and low magnitude, single phase transmission and 3-phase transmission.
Engineering of electrical transmission lines: resistance, inductance, inductive reactance, capacitance, capacitive reactance. Transmission linear models: the short transmission line, the medium lenght line, the long transmission line. Power cables (low, medium, high and extremely high voltage). Low voltage cables ( good polymers and compoud workability, cost and competivity).
Fundamental of power flow solution: scope of power systems analysis, faults, protection and stability,
2)Engineering of industrial and civil ambient.
2A) Plans and sitework: Electrical project of civil and industrial ambient, construction plans, explanations of plan symbols and sitework.
2 B ) the unit substation: high voltage section, the transformation section, the low voltage section, high voltage meetering equipment.
2 C) feeder bus systems: feeder ducts, the circuit breaker cubicles, plug-in bus way, bus plugs, branch circuit.
2 D) recent investigation of harmonic voltage suppressor for electrical industrial installation caused by non linear equipment.
2 E) Installation of capacitor to reduce the reactive power. The protection against lightning.

Special equipment.
3 A) Systems protection:system protection , circuit breaker, time current characteristic and charts, fuse time-current characteristics charts, ground-fault protected time current charateristic chart, coordination.
3 B) Special equipment: the precipitation unit, the fan asssembly, the ventilator, the cooling equipment, the fire alarm systems,
3 C) Motors and controllers: machines and their motors, motor types single-speed squirrel –cage induction motor, DC power supplies.
3 D) Illumination calculation and diagram: the lumen method, coefficient of utilization, point by point method, illumination diag

Attività d'esercitazione
design of simple power plant.

Modalità d'esame
The exam is based on an oral discussion


Testi consigliati
Guarnieri- Stella: Principi di elettrotecnica. Volume 2 Progetto Padova, Padova-
Pietro Vezzani. Elementi di Progettazione elettrica. TNE Torino

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