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Business Strategies and Control ( 4 CFU )
Prof. Salvatore Randi
     Tel. 02 67642222 - Fax. 02 67642243           E-mail. randi@ictc.it

1. The essence of strategy. Basic messages. Vision and Mission of a firm.
2. Business segmentation.
3. Porter’s lesson: strategy of a product. Cost leadership and differenciation.
4. Scale economy and the value chain.
5. First in the market: Telettra experience.
6. Total customer solution: Italtel experience.
7. Lock-in. Controlling the whole business system. Microsoft and Intel cases.
8. Linking strategy with execution. Integration of the collective processes.
9. Results measurements. Aggregate, granular and task-driven measurements.
10. Corporate strategy. Products portfolio and portfolio policy.
11. Business Plan check. Necessity to continually adapt strategy.

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