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Industrial Marketing ( 5 CFU )
Prof. Pier Paolo Veroni
          E-mail. pveroni@veroni.it

The aim of the course is to provide a systemic vision in relation the role of the marketing, with a specific angle to B2B marketing relations. We identified five ideal blocks:
The first basic concepts, the second the relation and development of B2B by technology and economics changes, the third a theoretic and operative instruments to operate on the market, the fourth all the operating decisions to target a value creation, the fifth describes all internal mechanisms as information planning and marketing control.

Marketing Business to Business
Open system company
Products and services and market needs
How to manage B2B markets
The big evolution of marketing in recent years
Supply chain in business-to-business
Target market strategy
Value creation product/service decisions
Value creation communications system
Marketing cost management
System of marketing planning and control
Marketing information system

Attività d'esercitazione
Case history, sectors analysis, projects on market readiness of quoted companies

Modalità d'esame
Oral or script form

Economy and organisation management

Testi consigliati
Jean-Jacques lambin, Marketing strategico e operativo - market-driven management 4/ed
Mc-Graw-Hill, 2004

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