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Laboratory of measurements and controls on structures ( 4 CFU )
Prof. Patrizia Bernardi
     Tel. 0521.905930 - Fax. 0521.905924           E-mail. patrizia.bernardi@unipr.it

The course aims to provide the students with basic technical and practical tools which are fundamental both for the structural design of steel or reinforced concrete buildings, as well as for the direction of the work during construction, and for the carrying out of the acceptance tests.

1) Code prescriptions; Italian provisions; Eurocodes.
2) Computation of actions. Structural tipology choice and structures dimensioning.
3) Structural analysis methods.
4) Structure verifications.
5) Final plan: execution and report of calculations.
6) Works of building construction and used materials test.
7) Non-destructive tests on the structure and acceptance tests.

Attività d'esercitazione
The practice lectures concern the developing of a design of a reinforced concrete building according to Eurocode prescriptions.

Modalità d'esame
Attendance and final oral interview

Structural mechanics, Technique of constructions.

Testi consigliati
- Italian Prescriptions
- Eurocodes
- Handbooks
- Migliacci: “Progetti di strutture”, Masson Italia Editori, 1985.

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