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Applied Geology A ( 5 CFU )
Prof. Sergio Tagliavini
     Tel. 0521.905952           E-mail. sergio.tagliavini@unipr.it

This course is aimed to develop fundamentals knowledge gathered during the First modulus of Applied geology.
Main aim is to supply tools for the design and management of geological problems involved in civil and environmental fields.

Geological investigations
Bore holes : planning and interpretation of bore holes to define sub soil stratigrafy profiles
In situ static and dynamic penetrometer: test description, interpretation and correlation with soil characteristics.
Geophysical investigations: investigations aimed to determine local seismic behavior of soils by superficial and down hole tests.
Slope dymanic
Slope classification methods. Hazard and risk definition due to instability phenomena Risk zonation and mitigation methods. Slope consolidation methods.
Hydrogeology and hydrogeological vulnerability
Ground water table representation and classification. Definition of the ground water table regime.
Hydrogeologycal vulnerability and vulnerability mapping.
Construction of roads on embankments and in excavations. Definition of the embankment material quality and artificial slope stability.
Underground structure
Deep and superficial tunneling. Natural and artificial tunnels. Design and construction methods.
Soil dam
Geomorphological study for dam design. Soil dam classification.

Attività d'esercitazione
Practical works both in laboratory and in situ is performed during the course.

Modalità d'esame
The exame consists in a single oral test

Testi consigliati
Contessini F. (1953) –“Dighe e traverse”, Tamburini, Milano;
Desio A. (1973) – “Geologia applicata all’ingegneria”, Hoepli, Milano;
Ippolito F., Nocotera P., Lucini P., Civita M., De Riso R. (1975) – “Geologia tecnica per ingegneri e geologi” , ISEDI, Milano.

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