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Polarized Fiber Optic Transmission ( 6 CFU )
Prof. Armando Vannucci
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Understanding linear propagation in fiber optics, with an emphasis on polarization related phenomena. Using mathematical tools for the application of polarization to telecommunications and to other technological contexts.

Polarization of light
Polarization-sensitive technological (and non-tech.) contexts;
Jones vectors and polarization ellipses;
ideal polarizers: the projector;
The Polarimeter: hardware scheme;
Stokes parameters and Pauli matrices;
Stokes vectors and the Poincaré sphere;
Orthonormality between states of polarization;
The Degree Of Polarization (DOP);
Relationship between Jones and Stokes vectors: the spin-vector;

Fiber-optic propagation of polarized light
Vectorial Linear Schroedinger Equation (VLSE);
Vectorial propagation: the birefringence vector;
Beat length and correlation length;
(Hints on) Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL);
System matrix: Hermitian and unitary matrices;
Exponential forms for homogeneous fibers;
Pauli decomposition;
Equations of motion in Stokes space;

Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD)
The PMD vector "Omega";
Differential Group Delay (DGD) and Principal States of Polarization (PSP);
"1st-order" PMD and "all-order" PMD;
Photodetected current and depolarization: depolarization trace;
Photodetected current and "ghost pulses";
Eye Closure Penalty (ECP): generalized Chen's formula;
Statistical PMD: (hints on) stochastic models of birefringence;

PMD compensation techniques
PMD compensation through “PSP transmission”;
1-stage and 2-stage compensators: spherical geometry;
3-stage and ideal multi-stage compensators;
PMD compensation in coherent systems: the Constant Modulus Algorithm (CMA);

Nonlinear propagation in fiber optic
Vectorial Non-Linear Shroedinger Equation (VNLSE or CNLSE);
Kerr effect and its vectorial description;
Polarization mixing: the Manakov equation;
Cross-Polarization Modulation (XPolM);
Lossless Polarization Attraction (LPA) and the nonlinear lossless polarizer;

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