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Microwaves ( 6 CFU )
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The course aims to provide the basic theoretical knowledge, analysis tools and application examples of microwave components.

- Guided propagation and waveguides.
Modal functions, waveguide eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Mode orthogonality.
Guided mode spectrum, mode expansion and power distribution.
Modal, intra-modal, polarization and waveguide dispersion.
Mode impedance.
Rectangular and circular metallic waveguide.
Measurement tools.
Microwave transmission lines, microstrip and stripline.
Microwave circuit theory. N-port circuits and two port junction.
Impedance, admittance and scattering matrices for passive circuits.
Passive microwave devices; terminations, couplers, attenuators, filters, hybrid junctions, magic T, circulators.
Resonators ; definition, resonant field and cavity modes. Losses and Q-factor
Microwave amplifiers. Gain, stability, noise.
Microwave antennas and plane wave spectrum.
Numerical methods for electromagnetism.

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Testi consigliati
Collin R.E. Foundation for Microwave Engineering, Second Edition, Mc. Graw Hill, 1992.
Stracca G.B. Teoria e Tecnica delle Microonde, CLUP – Città Studi, 1991.

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