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Design of airports and railways ( 9 CFU )
Prof. Felice Giuliani
     Tel. 0521.905905 - Fax. 0521.905924           E-mail. felice.giuliani@unipr.it

The Student will acquire specific knowledge in the field of design, engineering and construction of airport infrastructure and railways that will allow it to operate or deal with related technical government or the management company.

Airport Systems
Introduction: principles of airports design
Features that affect the design of airport
The length of the runways
Space configuration
Assistance on the fly
Capacity of runways
Airside geometric design of infrastructure
Airside signs, markings and visual aids
Planning and design of terminal areas
Capacity of landside areas
Design, construction and structural assessment of rigid and flexible pavements
ACN-PCN method
ICAO, FAA, PCI and ENAC regulations

Railway Infrastructure
Project of the tracks
Design and construction of the platform
Management and logistics
High-speed rail

Modalità d'esame
Written test before oral examination.

None for the students of the Master of Science in Civil Engineering

Testi consigliati
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G. Tesoriere, “Strade, ferrovie, aeroporti”, vol. III;
R. Neufville, A. Odoni, “Airport Systems: planning, design and management”, McGraw-Hill, 2003.

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