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Numeric cartography ( 9 CFU )
Prof. Gianfranco Forlani
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Basics of surveying. Cartography. Data acquisition for Geographic Information Systems. Digital Terrain Models. Orthophotomaps. Conceptual foundations and basic operational skills with GIS software; acquisition, maintainance and interchange of data bases; examples of applications; prescriptions and quality control in tenders for map production

Basics of surveying: geodesy, survey instruments (total station, levels, GPS), surveying techniques.
Cartography: conformal and equivalent maps; map contents and map generalization; tolerances; italian state and regional maps.
Digital cartography: Definitions and differences with traditional maps. Contents of digital maps. Information coding. Structures for data archiving: raster and vector. Raster and vector data; topographic data bases. Raster data: Geometric resolution and discretization of information. Digital terrain models. Digital orthophotomaps. Vector data: structuring geometry and topology. Raster data acquisition: Rasterization of maps, satellite images, orthophotos, DTMs; mosaicking; georeferencing raster data.
Vector data acquisition. By photogrammetry, by vectorization of existing maps. Cartographic editing. Numerical cartography for municipalities: contents, technical prescriptions and quality control.
Raster data acquisition. Rasterization of maps, satellite images, orthophoto, DTM; mosaicking; georeferencing raster maps.
Geographic information systems. Basic components. Manipulation of raster and vector data: connection to external databases; queries; processing of raster data; visualization and representation of results. Examples of GIS software. Total 63 hours: 45 lectures, 18 exercices

Attività d'esercitazione
Simple surveys with kinematic GPS and total station. Map use, DTM generation, georeferencing and mosaicking images, vectorization of raster maps. Exercices with GIS software.

Modalità d'esame
Oral examination and discussion of a project developed in the exercices

Surveying; Photogrammetry (recommended)

Testi consigliati
Jones, C.B. (1997):Geographical Information Systems and Computer Cartography. Addison-Wesley Longman.
Documentation provided by the teacher.

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