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Progetto e gestione delle sovrastrutture stradali ( 12 CFU )
Prof. Silvia Rastelli
     Tel. 0521-905907 - Fax. 0521-905924           E-mail. silvia.rastelli@unipr.it

The course aims to give to the students knowledge and instruments in order to:
• Understand the mechanical behavior and performance of materials employed in the construction of roads, railway and airports
• Understand the problems connected with design and realization of road materials
• Design and manage flexible road pavements.

- Road structure: materials and layers functional characteristics
Bituminous binders
- Natural bitumen
- Modified bitumen
- Physical and mechanical characteristics and rheology of bituminous binders
- Performance characterization of bitumen (SHRP protocol)
- Bituminous emulsion: physical and chemical characteristics of bituminous emulsion and its characterization
- Foamed bitumen: physical and chemical characteristics of foamed bitumen and its characterization
Asphalt mixtures
- Typologies and composition of asphalt mixtures
- Mix design: Marshall and Superpave protocols
- Mechanical properties and performances of asphalt mixtures
- Fracture mechanics of asphalt mixtures
Embankments materials
- Soils for embankment: characteristics and typologies
- Recycled materials for embankments: characteristics and typologies
- Soil stabilization with lime: materials, lime characteristics, physical and mechanical characteristics of stabilized soils, mix design
- Soil stabilization with hydraulic binder: materials, binder characteristics, physical and mechanical characteristics of stabilized soil, mix design
- Lay in service and specifications
- Geosynthetics, reinforced soils

- Functional characteristics of embankment sub-grade
- Structure and performance of embankments
- Methodologies and equipments for embankment construction
- Methodologies and equipments for soils stabilization
- Quality control methodologies
Granular materials
- Functional characteristics of aggregates
- “Natural” granular materials: characteristics and typologies
- “Recycled” granular materials: characteristics and typologies
Cement bounded aggregates
- Composition and characteristics of cement bounded aggregates mixes
- Performance and mix design

Modalità d'esame
Written and oral examination

Testi d'approfondimento
Lessons notes
Yang H. Huang, “Pavement Analysis and Design”, Prentice Hall
M.Y. Shahin, “Pavement Management for airports, roads and parking lots”, KAP
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