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Electrical plant and equipment ( 6 CFU )
Prof. Mario Cacciari
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The course provide the basic knowledge required for the usage of the most common electrical power systems

Fundamental of power systems: trend toward growing power output of new thermal, nuclear, alternative and water generating station, electrical distribution systems of great and low magnitude, single phase transmission and 3-phase transmission.
Engineering of electrical transmission lines: resistance, inductance, inductive reactance, capacitance, capacitive reactance. Transmission linear models: the short transmission line, the medium lenght line, the long transmission line. Power cables (low, medium, high and extremely high voltage). Low voltage cables ( good polymers and compoud workability, cost and competivity).
Fundamental of power flow solution: scope of power systems analysis, faults, protection and stability,
2)Engineering of industrial and civil ambient.
2A) Plans and sitework: Electrical project of civil and industrial ambient, construction plans, explanations of plan symbols and sitework.
2 B ) the unit substation: high voltage section, the transformation section, the low voltage section, high voltage meetering equipment.
2 C) feeder bus systems: feeder ducts, the circuit breaker cubicles, plug-in bus way, bus plugs, branch circuit.
2 D) recent investigation of harmonic voltage suppressor for electrical industrial installation caused by non linear equipment.
2 E) Installation of capacitor to reduce the reactive power. The protection against lightning.

Special equipment.
3 A) Systems protection:system protection , circuit breaker, time current characteristic and charts, fuse time-current characteristics charts, ground-fault protected time current charateristic chart, coordination.
3 B) Special equipment: the precipitation unit, the fan asssembly, the ventilator, the cooling equipment, the fire alarm systems,
3 C) Motors and controllers: machines and their motors, motor types single-speed squirrel –cage induction motor, DC power supplies.
3 D) Illumination calculation and diagram: the lumen method, coefficient of utilization, point by point method, illumination diag

Modalità d'esame
The exam is based on an oral discussion


Testi consigliati
Guarnieri- Stella: Principi di elettrotecnica. Volume 2 Progetto Padova, Padova-
Pietro Vezzani. Elementi di Progettazione elettrica. TNE Torino

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