( english version )
Pure mechanics ( 6 CFU )
Prof. Giancarlo Cantarelli
     Tel. 070 6755610           E-mail. cantarel@unica.ca

Free vectors (definition of vectror and of versor – operations with vectors – geometric applications);
Outline of Geometry (polar coordinates – regular curves – recular surfaces);
Outline of Kinematics of particles (velocity and acceleration);
Kinematics of a rigid body (degree of freedom – equiprojectivity – angular velocity – istantaneous motions af a rigid body);
Relative kinematics (theorem on composition of velocities – Coriolis theorem on composition of accelerations);
Plane motion of a rigid body (instantaneous centre of zero veolcity – Chasles' theorems);
Newton' laws (inertial frames of reference – statement of the three laws – apparent forces);
Dynamics of particles (statics and dynamics of a free element – statics and dynamics of a constrained element);
Applied vectors (polar moment – polar moment variation formula);
Geometry and kinematics of masses (barycentre – moment of inertia – momentum and angular momentum);
Cardinal equations (cardinal equations of statics and dynamics - plane systems);
Dynamics of a rigid body (sufficiency of cardinal equations for rigid bodies – equivalence – statics and dynamics of a free or constrained body);
Dynamics of systems ; Principle of virtual works (ideal geometric constraints – static equation in the case of bilateral constraints).

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