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Hydraulic plant and equipment ( 5 CFU )
Prof. Massimo Ferraresi
     Tel. 0521905951 - Fax. 0521905924           E-mail. massimo.ferraresi@unipr.it

The course deals with the hydraulic design of hydropower plants, artificial drainage networks and irrigation plants, both pressurized and open-channel.

Adduction main pipelines: gravity and lift schemes, hydraulic transients control, charge and compensation basins, oscillatory wells.
Hydropower plants: basic schemes, plants with and without flow regulation, forced pipelines, interception, regulation and security valves, plant project and design.
Hydraulic turbines: definitions, classification and functional features, fundamental equation of hydraulic turbines, similarity and characteristic rounds number, characteristic curves, problems in machine operation.
Hydroelectric power plants: operating programmes, automatic regulations of hydroelectric groups, pressure control and escape velocity of groups.
Irrigation plants: scope and definitions, relationships between soil, climate and crops, field water supply, pressurized and open-channel irrigation networks, watering methods and schemes. Outlines of drainage networks: hydrological references, scope, hydraulic design.

Modalità d'esame
In order to take the final examination, the numerical exercises must be produced 7 days in advance.
The examination splits into two parts: A) discussion on exercises and practical test with their computational tools ; B) questions about the course programmein written or verbal form (student’s choice).

Hydraulics, Hydrology, Geotechnics, Structural engineering

Testi consigliati
G.Evangelisti : Impianti idroelettrici. Ed. Patron, Volume 2°.
Manuale di Ingegneria Civile. Ed. Zanichelli / Esac
C.Datei : La protezione delle gallerie e delle condotte nei sistemi a pressione. Libreria Cortina, Pd.

Testi d'approfondimento
M.Poirée, Ch.Ollier : Irrigation. Ed.Eyrolles, Paris.
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