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Theoretical and Applied Mechanics ( 9 CFU )
Prof. Elisabetta Manconi
     Tel. 0521 905894 - Fax. 0521 905705           E-mail. elisabetta.manconi@unipr.it

The aim of the course is to introduce students to kinematics and dynamics of mechanisms and machines. The contents of the course are essential and useful for a wide range of applications in all branches of engineering.

Introduction and definitions
Kinematics and dynamics of rigid-body systems
The basic concepts of analytical mechanics
Mechanisms description

Elementary machines
Fundamental concepts of tribology: friction, wearing, lubrication
Joints, brakes, clutches
Cam-follower devices
Belt, chain transmissions, gears
Dynamics of mechanisms and machines
Direct and inverse dynamics
Periodic motion of machines

Mechanical vibrations
Single degree of freedom systems
Multi-degrees of freedom systems
Balancing of rotating machines
Rotating shafts, critical speed and stability analysis

Attività d'esercitazione
Some exercises will be carried out in the lab, where the students will perform some numerical exercises using the software MATLAB

Modalità d'esame
The exam consists in two written exams during the course, and an oral exam at the end of the course.

Mathematical analysis, physics, geometry

Testi consigliati
Ottorino Sesini , Meccanica applicata alle macchine, Milano, Casa editrice ambrosiana
C. Ferraresi, T. Raparelli, Appunti di Meccanica Applicata, Ed. CLUT Torino
T. Timoshenko, D.H. Young, Engineering Mechanics, McGraw-Hill International

Testi d'approfondimento
C. Lanzcos, The Variational Principles of Mechanics, Dover, 1986.
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