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Project management ( 5 CFU )
Prof. Felice Corini
          E-mail. feli.corini@libero.it

A General introduction to the meaning of "project"
< flows and impulses in company's life
< definitions and peculiarities of a project
< projects inside the company
(research and developement of new products )
(implementations and modifications to the organisation company's structure)
< projects "engineering to order" (outside the company)
(projects with high capital investiment - projects of industrial plants)

B Projects of industrial plants
b.1. related to engineering and contracting companies (main contractors)
project life cycle
project like a system
project architecture
project planning
project whole control
network project planning
risk management
b.2. related to construction companies (spec. contractors)
market , peculiarities and characteristics of construction companies
company organisation with a project management structure
links and interlocutors of a Project Manager
commercial activities : Proposal Manager
managing activities : Project Manager

Attività d'esercitazione
Will be prepared with the students an actual bid for a project related to the construction of a gasline in Italy , employing Microsoft Project softwear.

Modalità d'esame
Oral examination foreseen

Oral examination foreseen

Testi consigliati
F.Corini : Il Project Management nelle Imprese di costruzioni , dispensa ed. terza marzo 2004
F.Caron , Gestione dei progettidi impianti , ed. cusl 2001

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