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Transports Law Jean Monnet ( 5 CFU )
Prof. Cristina Pozzi
- Fax. 0521533617           E-mail. pozzic@hotmail.com

The course will offer students a complete overview of the civil provisions governing contracts and, in particular, road, sea and air transport and shipping agreements. Particular emphasis will be put on the provisions governing the liability of the carrier and the hottest issues in European legislation, such as TEN, GALILEO, logistic policy.

The sources of the law – the concept of contract – the contract: types
Contractual liability and tort
The transport agreement: concept, drafting and cases, types and discipline
The road transport agreement: the national law and case law, the international provisions - CMR, the EU legislations
The shipping agreement: concept, cases and materials
The logistic agreement: concept, cases and materials
The multi-modal transport
The EU legislation on transport: TEN – Trans European Networks; GALILEO System; logistic policy.

Attività d'esercitazione
Towards the middle of the course a session of exercises will be held consisting in reading and commenting on a court decision or the negotiation and drafting of a transport or logistic agreement.
There will be a Conference on "European Transport Research Programmes".

Modalità d'esame
The exam will be carried out in the written form, by means of a multiple choice test. Students willing to improve their marks may sit an oral examination.


Testi consigliati
Alfredo Antonini, Corso di Diritto dei trasporti, Giuffré, 2007.
Carlo Golda, Lineamenti di diritto dello spazio, ECIG, Genova 2005.

Building bridges: Extension of the major trans-European transport axes
disponibile on line al sito http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/energy_transport/publication/transport_policy_en.htm
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