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Drawing ( 9 CFU )
Prof. Chiara Vernizzi
     Tel. 0521-905936 - Fax. 0521-905924           E-mail. chiara.vernizzi@unipr.it

The goal of the course is to render engineering students capable of translating into drawings that conform to standards, the three-dimensional geometric models used in construction and architecture, as well as be able to understand these models from the reading of technical drawings and maps.

The course is comprised of lessons in theory covering:
topics in Descriptive Geometry to introduce a range of projective methods which may be used to prepare drawings: orthogonal projections, parallel or asymmetric projections, central or perspective projections, theory of shading and applications that combine the various projection methods.
To provide for continuous and gradual learning of representational methods, exercises will be performed at the same time involving preparation of drawings which will be updated continuously.
During the second part of the course, two groups of lessons will be held in parallel: one comprised of lessons covering traditional topics in civil engineering, such as the various scales of representation (territory, city, building structures, architecture, up to the construction scale); and the other comprised of computer-assisted drawing labs, to introduce the methods and problems in computer-assisted design.

Attività d'esercitazione
For those students who prepared drawings as part of the Descriptive Geometry course and who passed the extemporaneous exam given at the conclusion of the first cycle of lessons, the exam will be an oral one based on the content of the lessions given on Descriptive Geometry and the presentation of one or more final study drawings created on the CAD, on a topic agreed upon in advance with the teaching staff.

Modalità d'esame
Students who do not perform or do not pass the extemporaneous exam must sit a written exam on topics related to Descriptive Geometry in order to be admitted to the final oral exam.


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