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Construction techniques A ( 5 CFU )
Prof. Beatrice Belletti
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Aim of the course is to provide the fundamental knowledge for the design and the verification of reinforced concrete and steel structures.

1. Structural schematisation of buildings and loading evaluation.
1.1 Structural typologies and static schemes for steel, reinforced concrete and masonry buildings.
1.2 Death loads of structural elements, permanent actions and variable actions.
2. The evaluation of seismic action.
3. Structural behaviour under horizontal actions.
2.1 Frame systems.
2.2 Ductile wall systems.
4. Basis of design and safety verifications: limitation of stresses, serviceability and ultimate limit state verifications.
5. Statically indeterminate structures: the evaluation of stresses, strains and deflections.
5.1 The force method.
5.2 The displacement method.
6. Design of reinforced concrete structures
6.1 Mechanical properties of materials.
6.2 Design of members subjected to axial load.
6.3 Detailing of reinforcement.
6.4 Design of members subjected to flexure.
6.5 Design of members subjected to shear.
6.6 Design of members subjected to torsion.
6.7 Design of members subjected to axial load and flexure.
6.8 Design of staircases.
6.9 Bearings.
6.10 Reinforced Concrete foundations.
7 Design of steel structures.
7.1 Structural elements for steel buildings.
7.2 Mechanical properties of materials.
7.3 Geometrical second order effects and stability curves.
7.4 Design of welded and bolted joints.
7.5 Foundation of steel structures.

Attività d'esercitazione
In order to know how steel and reinforced concrete structures are built, practice activities take place in building yards
Furthermore, practice activities regard the following topics:
E.1 The force method: examples of resolution of statically indeterminate frames.
E.2 The displacement method: examples of resolution of statically indeterminate frames.
E.3 Design of reinforced concrete columns.
E.4 Design of tile-lintel floors.
E.5 Design of reinforced concrete beams.
E.6 Design of reinforced concrete isolated foundations.
E.7 Design of steel columns.
E.8 Design of steel floors.
E.9 Design of steel beam-column joints.
E.10 Design of the foundations for steel columns.

Modalità d'esame
During the written examination the student has to resolve a statically indeterminate structure by means of either the force or the displacement method. During the oral examination a project of a structure designed by the student will be discussed.

Structural mechanics is considered as the basic knowledge.

Testi consigliati
- Notes supplied by the teacher;
- A. Migliacci. “L’architettura dell’equilibrio e della deformazione”, Masson
- A. Migliacci. “Progetti di strutture”. Masson
- G. Ballio, F.M. Mazzolani. “Strutture in acciaio” ISEDI, Mondadori Editore.
- G. Toniolo. “Cemento Armato. Calcolo agli stati limite”. Masson Editore.

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