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Rock mechanics A ( 5 CFU )
Prof. Maria Rita Migliazza
     Tel. 0521 905926           E-mail. mariarita.migliazza@unipr.it

The course wants to provide the students with basic elements of rock mechanics describing the mechanical behaviour and presenting the empirical, experimental and analytical method for the geotechnical characterization of the rock masses.
The problems that the course will deal with are stability of excavations and natural slopes, design of underground openings and stability of foundation in rocks. The course will contains application example and exercises

Mechanical behaviour of rocks: definition of rock mass, rock matrix and discontinues; quantitative description of discontinuity; shear strength of discontinuity and intact rock; rock mass classification methods; empirical method for the characterization of rock mass; field tests for the characterization of rock masses; water flow in fractures rock (field tests); numerical methods for rock mass description.

Rock Engineering: application of stereographic projection for the analysis of rock kinematics; limit equilibrium methods for the verification of stability of excavation ; rock retaining and reinforcing structures and their design; few cases history of open pitt mines, interesting civil structures and foundation in rocks.

Attività d'esercitazione
Graphical representation of discontinuities geostructural survey, monoaxials compressive tests, triassials tests, direct shear test along discontinuities; state of stress and strain, planar sliding, rock masses, state of stress in the surroundings of a tunnel

Modalità d'esame
Oral interview


Testi consigliati
G.P. Giani– Rock slope stability analysis - Balkema, Rotterdam, NL (1992).
B. H. G. Brady E. T. Brown - Rock mechanics for underground mining - Chapman & Hall – London 1993
Z.T. Bieniawski - Rock Mechanics Design in Mining and Tunneling - Balkema, Rotterdam, NL

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