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Sistemi distribuiti e ad agenti ( 5 CFU )
Prof. Agostino Poggi
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The goal of the course is to provide a in-depth knowledge on the “peer-to-peer” and agent-oriented programming techniques and about their use to realize distributed software systems.

Introduction. Peer-to-peer systems. Agents and multi-agent systems. FIPA and JADE. Agent architectures and models. Communication and interaction protocols. Ontology. Coordination and negotiation. Design and implementation of multi-agent systems. Applications.

Attività d'esercitazione
Exercitations have the goal of providing a good knowledge on “peer-to-peer” and agent-oriented programming techniques through the design and realization of a software system.

Modalità d'esame
Students evaluation is based on a coursework and an oral exam.

Ingegneria del Software A, Reti di Calcolatori, Basi di Dati, Ingegneria del Software B.

Testi consigliati
Michael Wooldridge. An Introduction to Multiagent Systems, John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, England, (ISBN 0 47149691X) 2002.

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