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DSP Lab for electric drives ( 5 CFU )
Prof. Carlo Concari
     Tel. 0521 905831 - Fax. 0521 905822           E-mail. carlo.concari@unipr.it           Home page. http://www.unipr.it/~cacof697

This course aims at providing skills and theoretical foundations for the control of electric drives and actuators by means of Digital Signal Processors (DSPs)

Introduction to digital control of electric drives.
Discretization, aliasing, folding, normalized frequency.
Conversion from discrete time to continuos time, interpolation.
FIR filters, convolution, difference equations.
Frequency response of FIR filters, linear phase FIR filters.
z-transform, properties, unit delay.
Relationship between the z-transform and the frequency response.
IIR filters, block diagrams, Direct Form I, Direct Form II, Transposed.
Poles and zeroes, stability.
Time-domain analysis, correspondences between s and z domains.
Synthesis of digital filters and regulators.
Inverse z-transform.
Spectral analysis, Discrete Fourier transform (DFT) and FFT.
DSP, Harvard architecture, MAC.
Numerical representations, fixed point, floating point, effects of quantization.
Introduction to embedded programming, development of control algorithms on fixed point processors

Attività d'esercitazione
Design and implementation of a digital motor drive or a signal processing system based on a fixed point Microchip DSP

Modalità d'esame
Report on laboratory project (2-4 people teams), verbal examination

Digital control, Electric drives

Testi consigliati
S.K. Mitra, "Digital Signal Processing - A Computer-Based Approach", McGraw-Hill.
J.H. McClellan et al., "DSP First - A Multimedia Approach", Prentice Hall.
G.F. Franklin et al., "Digital Control of Dynamic Systems", Addison Wesley

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