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Integrated Product Development ( 4 CFU )
Prof. Gianluca Medri
     Tel. 0521 905882 - Fax. 0521 905705           E-mail. medri@me.unipr.it

To give basic concept and tools for industrial product development.

Embodiment principles, Design for aggressive environments, Design for Standardization (VRP), Design for/to Cost, Design for Manufacturing, Design for Assembly and for Disassembly, Serial Design, Modular Design, Risk Analysis and Failure Prevention (FMEA, FTA), Machine Reliability, Maintenance, Product Evaluation (DOE, Rapid Prototyping, Taguchi Method, Reverse Engineering)

Attività d'esercitazione
100% of class lectures.

Modalità d'esame
final written exam.

Technical Drawing, Strength of Materials and Structural analysis, Mechanism Analysis, Production Methods, New product Development.

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