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New Product Development ( 4 CFU )
Prof. Luca Collini
          E-mail. luca.collini@unipr.it

To give basic concepts, tools and methodologies for new product design and development.

1. Introduction to the product development process;
2. Organization and management of a project;
3. Development processes and organizations;
4. Identification of opportunities;
5. Identification of customer needs;
6. Product specification;
7. Concept generation and selection;
8. Concept testing;
9. Product architecture;
10. Industrial design;
11. Design for assembly – design for manufacturing;
12. Prototyping;
13. Patents and intellectual property;
14. Economical aspects of product development process;
15. The conjoint analysis.

Attività d'esercitazione
100% of class lectures. A group activity will be developed during the course about a product development case

Modalità d'esame
Final exposition of the group work in technical report form. Alternatively written exam.


Testi consigliati
The teacher gives his slides (in italian). The reference book is “K.T. Ulrich, S.D. Eppinger, Product design and development, 3rd Ed., McGraw Hill, 2004”

Testi d'approfondimento
- Dieter G.E., Engineering design, 3rd edition, McGraw-Hill, 2000;
- Wheelwright S.C., Clark K.B., Revolutionizing product development, FP, 1993;
- Forza C., Salvador F., Configurazione di prodotto, McGraw-Hill, 2003;
- Otto K., Wood K., Product design: techniques in reverse engineering and new product development, Prentice Hall, 2001.
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