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General Physics C ( 5 CFU )
Prof. Andrea Baraldi
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The objective of the course is the knowledge of the fundamental laws of electromagnetism and optics.

static magnetic fields
introduction to magnetic interactions (see Mazzoldi p.227)
the magnetic field B; the magnetic force
Lorentz’s force; motion of charged particles in static electric and magnetic fields Hall effect
Magnetic forces on conducting wires and rings
magnetic dipole moment
potential energy of a conducting ring in magnetic field

origin of the magnetic interaction
interactions between magnets and conducting rings
magnetic field due to a charges flux
The Biot-Savart’s law
Interactions between parallel conducting electric wires;
Electromagnetic gun
The Ampere’s law and magnetic field calculations

Faraday’s law
induced electric currents: Faraday’s law; Lenz’s law
e.m. induction and energy exchanges
induced electric fields
inductance; magnetic flux and induced current
self induced electromotive force;
RL circuits; magnetic energy density

magnetic fields inside the matter
the magnetic flux and the Gauss’s law for magnetic fields
terrestrial magnetic field
magnetic fields inside the matter; magnetism and electrons
magnetic materials: dia- para- and ferro-magnetic materials
induced magnetic fields; displacement current
Maxwell’s equations

time-dependent electromagnetic fields
LC oscillations and damping
a.c. currents
forced oscillations e resonance
RLC (series) circuits
electric power in a.c. circuits; transformers Electromagnetic waves – Types of electromagnetic waves
Maxwell’s equations – Plane waves – Poynting’s vector – The electromagnetic wave spectrum – The speed of light
Ray optics – Reflection and refraction – Lenses and mirrors – Lens systems
Wave optics and Huyghens’ principle – Interference of light – The double slit – Multiple slits –Interference in thin films – Michelson interferometer
Diffraction by narrow slit – Resolving power of a lens – Diffraction grating – Basic spectroscopy – x ray diffraction
Polarization of light – Polarizers – Wave retarders – Brewster angle

Attività d'esercitazione
Exercise sessions will be held during the course.

Modalità d'esame
It is required to pass both a written and an oral examination.

General Physics Parts A and B is a prerequisite. The course is calculus based.

Testi consigliati
Halliday, Resnick, Walker – Fundamentals of Physics – John Wiley & Sons

Testi d'approfondimento
P.Mazzoldi, M.Nigro, C.Voci – Fisica vol. II Elettromagnetismo - Onde. Ed. EdiSES
Serway-Beichner – Physics For Scientists and Engineers – Saunders College Publishing
Halliday-Resnick-Krane – Physics 2 – John Wiley & Sons
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