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Earth-retaining structures ( 5 CFU )
Prof. Lorella Montrasio
     Tel. 0521.905932 - Fax. 0521.905924           E-mail. lorella.montrasio@unipr.it

The course aims to lead from introductory empirical and theoretical explanations of the properties of the soil to practical applications, such as earth-retaining structures. Starting from the geotechnical characterisation based on field and laboratory tests, the course gives the fundamental principles for design and control of gravity and cantilever walls and for cantilever sheet pile walls.

References of fundamental principles of soil mechanics
Strength and deformation parameters
Undrained strength

In-situ tests

Field measurements for structure control

Methods of analysis for failure conditions
Rankine’s theory of earth pressure
Coulomb’s theory of earth pressure
The limit theorems of plasticity
Characteristic lines method
The stability of excavations
Applications of earth pressure theory to retaining walls

Design of gravity and cantilever walls

Design of cantilever sheet pile walls

Design of anchored sheet pile walls

Examples of relevant solutions adopted for reinforced earth and earth-retaining structures

Attività d'esercitazione
Exercises and problems deal with almost all the topics treated during the theory lessons. The problem solution has to be directly obtained by the students, who have to their disposal all the fundamental knowledge means to solve the same problem. At the end the teacher proposes a possible solution of the assigned problem.
Teaching visits are planned: to yards where advanced geotechnical investigations are carried out, to yards where new relevant earth-retaining structures are under constructions, to advanced geotechnical laboratories.
Students will employ a software for designing a cantilever sheet pile wall.

Modalità d'esame
An oral examination about all the topics of the course.


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