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Valutazione di impatto ambientale ( 5 CFU )
Prof. Antonio Bodini
     Tel. 0521-905614 - Fax. 0521-905402           E-mail. antonio.bodini@unipr.it           Home page. http://www.dsa.unipr.it/netanalysis/

The course aim is to provide the students the necessary scientific and technical skill to analyse human actions and their effect on the natural and the anthropogenic environment. Going through the national and regional legislation the course illustrates what are the main types of impacts and the tools used to forecast their consequences on the environment. To teach the student how these tools are used in practice an existing environmental impact study is analysed with emphasis on the requirement Italian legislation imposes to compile this type of documentatio

1)Environmental quality and assessment
2)EIA national policy: law and regulations
3)EIA national policy: the assessment procedure
4)EIA: technical annexes as guidelines for compiling environmental impact studies
5)Forecasting impacts: methods and assessment
6)Regional legislation: Emilia Romagna
7)What EIA for what projects?

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