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Impianti dell'industria alimentare A ( 5 CFU )
Prof. Roberto Rizzo
     Tel. 0521.905873 - Fax. 0521.905705           E-mail. roberto.rizzo@unipr.it

The class aims at giving the basic and specific concepts for analyzing and designing food plants. State of the art, technical, technological and economical aspects of food plants are examined, as well as future development basing in the results of applied research.

I – General aspects
Introduction; classification of microorganisms; monitoring of microorganism and related industrial issues

II – Food processing techniques
Food preservation with low temperature; aseptic packaging; irradiation; dehydration; desiccation under pressure

III – Food Conditioning
Preparation of packaging; preparation of food products; stabilization; packaging technology; storage of food

IV – Food plants and industry
Dairy industry; vegetable preserve industry; wine industry; mineral water and beverage industry

V – Designing criteria for food plants
Location; building: areas and equipments designing; selecting equipments; lay-out definition

Attività d'esercitazione
Project of a food processing plant

Modalità d'esame
Oral examination with discussion of the project

Industrial plants and chemical science

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