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Computer science foundations ( 5 CFU )
Prof. Alberto Broggi
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The course intends to provide the basic concepts on computers and their science highlighting the fundamental tools to manage information in an efficient way. Moreover base methodologies will be illustrated for the development of the software and an implementation of the solution of small problems in a programming language.

Representation of the information - Information coding, representation of the numbers, boolean algebra.
Algorithms - graphic and exact notations for their description, examples of elementary algorithms. Programming languages - definition, grammar and semantics; programs.
The computer - architecture and principles; Von Neumann machine, input/output devices.
The software - operating systems.
Computer networks and Internet.
The C programming language.

Attività d'esercitazione
C language.

Modalità d'esame
Two tests: every test consists theoretical questions and practical exercises


Testi consigliati
- P.Demichelis, E.Piccolo "Introduzione all'Informatica in C", McGraw-Hill.
- S.Ceri, D. Mandrioli, L. Sbattella "Informatica arte e mestiere", McGraw-Hill
- Any C text book
- P. Darnell, P.E. Margolis, “C manuale di programmazione”, Mc Graw Hill
- H. Schildt, “La Guida completa C”, McGraw Hill

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