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Advanced structural mechanics A ( 5 CFU )
Prof. Andrea Spagnoli
     Tel. 0521.905927 - Fax. 0521.905924           E-mail. andrea.spagnoli@unipr.it

To present basic concepts and tools for structural design, with reference to the theory of one-dimensional structures (beams) and two-dimensional structures (plates).

Beam theory.
Plane beams with straight axis: kinematic model (Euler-Bernoulli hypothesis and Timoshenko hypothesis), static variables, equilibrium conditions, elastic behaviour. Plane beams with curved axis.

Torsion of open-section thin-walled beams.
Introduction to non-uniform torsion. Theory of sectorial areas: kinematic model (Vlasov hypothesis), static variables, equilibrium conditions, elastic behaviour.

Plane stress and plane strain states.
Stress function or Airy function. Plane stress state for a solid of revolution: Airy function in polar coordinates; axisymmetric loading (example of a thick-walled cylinder submitted to internal or external pressure).

Bending of plates.
Membrane and flexural problem. Kinematic model for bending of plates (Kirchhoff hypothesis and Mindlin-Reissner hypothesis). Static variables. Equilibrium conditions. Boundary conditions. Formulation of the problem in cylindrical coordinates. Elastic behaviour. Equation of Sophie Germain-Lagrange for Kirchhoff plates. Axisymmetric plates. Examples of solutions: circular axisymmetric plate, rectangular plate (Navier solution and Levy solution). Finite difference method: approximate solutions for rectangular plates.

Shells of revolution.
Geometrical and loading characteristics. Membrane and bending generalized stresses. Membrane regime: equilibrium equations, examples. Bending regime for a cylindrical shell: comparison with the problem of a beam on elastic foundation (Winkler’s constraints). Bending regime for spherical and conical shells.

Attività d'esercitazione
Theory supported by exercises.

Modalità d'esame
Oral examination

Analisi A-B, Analisi C, Geometria, Meccanica Razionale, Scienza delle Costruzioni A (Structural Mechanics A), Scienza delle Costruzioni B (Structural Mechanics B).

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