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Geotecnica per la difesa del territorio ( 5 CFU )
Prof. Anna Giacomini
     Tel. 0521.905709           E-mail. anna.giacomini@unipr.it

The course refers about geotechnical problems in land planning with the purpose to give elements for designing consolidations and stabilization works with regards to the environment protection.
The course refers in particular to stability of mountainous, hill and plane territory, to design of waste disposal and shallow tunnels and void constructions.

Stability of mountainous and hill territories:
Instability and stabilization of rock and soil slope requires identification, soil and rock characterization, stability analysis in the actual conditions and in presence of consolidation works. The types of examined instability movements are rock and snow avalanches, rock falls, rock and soil sliding, debris and mood flows.

Stability of hill territories:
Geotechnical problems in this field mainly involve soil embankments and dams built to regulate superficial water flow. The examined topics are construction materials, work typologies, design and verification of dams in critical conditions.

Waste disposal planning:
Different classes of waste material are classified according to their environmental impact. Typical stability analysis of slope made up of waste material are carried out.

Shallow tunnels design:
Geotechnical problems in construction of shallow tunnels in urban environment are examined. The principal construction methods are explained as the design of lining and supports of cavities. Some monitoring methods are also illustrated

Attività d'esercitazione
Rock fall, Debris and mud flow, risk analysis. Embankment stability analysis in different water load conditions. Stability analysis of slope made of waste. Shallow tunnel lining design

Modalità d'esame
The exams will consist of an oral interview.


Testi consigliati
Giani G.P. – Rock slope stability analysis - Balkema, Rotterdam, NL (1992).
Turnet A.K., Schuster R., - Landslides , Investigation and mitigation – Transportation research board, Washington D.C., 1996

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