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Fluid Machine and energy conversion systems ( 5 CFU )
Prof. Paolo Casoli
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The purpose is to present a based of the fundamental principles which govern the energy conversion systems operation and design. A review of the main fluid machines is presented.

An overview on the world’s energy requirement. Energy sources. Fundamental equations: continuity, energy conservation, momentum. Properties of the thermodynamics fluid. Properties of fuels. Hydraulic power plant. Thermodynamics of thermal power plants. Determination and maximization of thermal efficiency. Effect of irreversibility. Specific fuel consumption.
Gas turbines: ideal models, efficiency, maximisation of both efficiency and work per cycle. Gas turbine plant.
Flow equations for compressible fluid. Mach number. Nozzle and diffuser. Mass flow rate through a nozzle.
Boiler: typology, efficiency. Combined power plant. Combined heat and power plant. Some combined heat and power plant schemes. Economic assessment of combined heat and power plant.
Pumps and compressors. Cavitation and NPSH. Positive displacement pumps.
Internal combustion engine. Engine types and their operation. Characteristic parameters; indicated work per cycle; mean effective pressure; brake torque; power; specific fuel consumption; efficiency. Pollutant emissions.

Attività d'esercitazione
Some numerical exercises are presented.

Modalità d'esame
The exam is based on an oral conversation.


Testi consigliati
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C. Caputo – Le macchine volumetriche – Masson, Milano
C. Caputo – Le turbomacchine – Masson, Milan

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